Georie Bryant

Organization: Symbodied LLC

A native of Durham, Georie Bryant is a community activist who holds collaboration, equity and reciprocity very close to his ethic. As a descendent of Stagville Plantation, a chef, and farmer Georie has roots which tie him closely to agriculture and the food industry, his work often centering around addressing injustice in the ways that Black and Brown people interact with food and food systems. Georie earned his associate’s degree in the Culinary Arts, with extensive experience working in the food and hospitality industries, having cooked everywhere between fast food to fine dining, Georie has a wide view of the food industry. Georie has received certification in Sustainable agriculture and has farmed for over a decade and is expanding in the area of ethnobotany in relation to indigenous practices. His previous work with organizations such as Communities in Partnership, working relationship with Duke World Food Policy, EFOD National Steering Committee, and his own company SymBodied Indigenous Economic Strategies, see him frequently working both cross-culturally and intergenerationally in order to better understand, and ultimately address, the problems of our communities.

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