The Castanea Fellowship envisions a racially just, culturally rooted, sustainable, and healthy food system for children, families, and all communities. Our fellowship program roots leadership development in liberatory practices, supporting established leaders ready to deepen the impact of their vision.

Rooted WisdomPodcast

Discover the fundamental values of food. Join Aileen Suzara in her kitchen as she facilitates conversation between BIPOC food leaders and producers around universal ideas rooted in ancestral wisdom. In each episode, a local farmer, journalist, doctor, educator, strategist, and artist will impart personal experiences and ideas to participate in your local food system, advocate for global food sovereignty, and sow a more resilient, empowering, just and equitable future.

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Castanea Fellows

Meet the visionary leaders working to transform the food system and serve communities on the frontline


Our Stories

We’re working to support food justice work through movement and power building. Learn more about how we build solidarity through place-based immersions.

immersion reports

Impact Reports

Castanea gives space and tools to movement leaders and cultivates power building. Learn more about the impact Castanea is having on the field.

Impact Reports


Join the numerous foundations, nonprofit, and business leaders in this multi-sector collaborative committed to shaping an equitable future for food. Grants, gifts, and individual donations are welcome.
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