The 2020 Fellows

A Fuller Picture of the Potential

The 2020 Castanea Fellows were selected as leaders who are ready to take steps to build local and regional food sovereignty, addressing urgent and systemic flaws in the food supply system, which, although most visible in times of crisis, were embedded in centuries old structural racism and colonization, initiated with the nation’s founding.

2020 Fellows

Alex Askew
BCAGlobal, New York, NY

Tavia Benjamin
Independent Consultant, Durham, NC

Shane Bernardo
Food As Healing, Detroit, MI

Shantell Bingham
Climate Justice Alliance, Atlanta, GA

Kelly Carlisle
Acta Non Verba, Oakland, CA

Anthony Chang
Manzanita Capital Collective

Helga Garza
Agri-Cultura Cooperative, Albuquerque, NM

Deepa Iyer
 Ayeko Farm, Enumclaw, WA

Chris Newman
Sylvanaqua Farms, Montross, VA

Jose Oliva
HEAL Food Alliance, Chicago, IL

Esperanza Pallana
Food and Farm Communications Fund

Bren Smith
GreenWave, New Haven, CT

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