Mahfam Malek
Program Director

Mahfam Malek has held various roles in justice movements over the years, including facilitator, somatic coach, non-profit staff of many stripes, social justice-oriented stand-up comic, direct-action and cultural organizer, environmental educator, and more. They work to maintain a regular writing practice, find ways to stay connected to abolition movements, enjoy the outdoors, and spend quality time with their dog and with their parents.

Mahfam’s work is shaped largely by their training and years of somatic development and leadership development with progressive training institutions such as generative somatics, Rockwood Leadership Institute, and Training for Change. Additionally, they call on their history in dance/performance, meditation, and working in US-based justice movements; and on their experience as an immigrant, queer, non-binary, mixed-class woman of color. They believe all movements are connected, as all life is connected.


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