Applications open for Castanea Cohort 3!

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I had a realization of feeling moved and inspired and joyful in the fellowship. It's something that can follow us throughout our lives, and if anything, feels even more poignant now than before, as it's easier to grow jaded or weary. The precious value of time together connecting is heightened, and the importance of staying open to joy and inspiration is essential.
Aileen Suzara, 2019 Fellow

After three wild and wonderful years, two cohorts of rockstar fellows, and an immense amount of deep learning, Castanea is excited to find our next cohort of food systems leaders! We’re looking for folks who are ready to dive more deeply into liberatory leadership and join a network of dedicated and visionary leaders.

At Castanea Fellowship, we champion new patterns of a just, healthy, and equitable food system by investing in extraordinary leaders. We provide leaders with space to source new ideas, engage in peer-to-peer learning, forge alliances, and most importantly, unearth reflective practices that increase resilience and provide a renewed sense of purpose. By giving all food system leaders opportunities to rejuvenate, and centering Black, Indigenous, and other leaders of color, we help combat further erasure of knowledge, priorities, and practices of BIPOC communities that are so essential to reshaping narratives, thereby eliminating systemic barriers, shifting power dynamics, ultimately creating the conditions for a more just and equitable food system for all.

We’re ready to support leaders working for a racially just, culturally rooted, sustainable, and healthy food system for all communities. If you’re a leader with more than five years of experience in the food system, we hope you consider applying!


  • A 2-year fellowship program
  • A hybrid model of virtual and in-person, place-based immersions
  • Leadership development and skill building
  • Peer support, mentorship, and movement community
  • $40,000 stipend over 2 years
  • Robust alumni network and program

For full details and to apply, please visit our Apply page

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