Anita Adalja

Organization: Not Our Farm Project

Anita just completed her 13th season farming vegetables. She has worked on both non-profit and production farms in Pennsylvania, Virginia, California, Washington, D.C., and New Mexico. Before farming, Anita studied and worked as a social worker, addiction counselor and GED teacher in New York City.

Her heart is committed to centering workers on farms through financial security, safety and dignity. She also believes that personal and community empowerment can be gained through food production, food sovereignty and storytelling. Anita is the founder of the Not Our Farm Project, a non-profit farmworker storytelling and support project, and is a co-farmer at Ashokra Farm, a 2.5 acre queer poc farm in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Anita is also a proud farm food safety nerd and facilitates food safety trainings for farmers across the state of New Mexico. She is a Produce Safety Alliance lead trainer, a USDA HGAP+ auditor, and is on the food safety team at La Semilla Food Center. To Anita, food safety is much more than just washing your hands and is deeply tied to worker care and well being.

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