Anthony Chang
Farmer Champion

Organization: Kitchen Table Advisors

Location: Oakland, CA

In his words...

“I am the son of Taiwanese immigrants who benefitted from racist immigration policies that enabled them to come to the United States to pursue graduate degrees and professional work. This early life experience led me to work in economic opportunity, particularly in immigrant communities. Despite working within the capitalist system, many farmers in our community hope for shifts to a more just, healthy, and resilient economic paradigm that centers people and planet.”

What gives him hope...

The fellowship offers an opportunity for sharing power and leadership, and centering farmers and marginalized communities in our food system; connecting with inspiring peer leaders to build long-term relationships, and deepening and multiplying the connections among the broader web of relationships and networks we all engage in to move our work.

Anthony's Story:

Anthony Chang focuses on building relationships and networks that help fuel economic viability for a multi-racial next generation of sustainable small farms and ranches. His work focused on economic opportunity and justice in communities of color over the last 20 years has been shaped by being the son of immigrant small business owners that, despite coming over with class privilege, faced many barriers and challenges and had peaks and valleys in pursuing the “American Dream.” 

As a current Director and former founding Executive Director at Kitchen Table Advisors, he is grateful to be on a majority People of Color, majority women team that are the children of or have been themselves immigrants, farmworkers, organic farmers, food entrepreneurs, and small business owners, and more. Despite not having a background in agriculture, Anthony has been able to partner with leaders and team members rooted deeply in rural and agricultural communities in Northern California to help bridge rural and urban divides to create more just and resilient regional food economies. 

While being educated by organic farmers, regenerative ranchers, rural community organizers, former farmworkers and more on the needs and challenges that all sustainable small farms face, and especially by women and people of color, he has been able to leverage work experience at leading non-profit community development financial institutions like Opportunity Fund and California FarmLink and board experience at RSF Social Finance and Common Future to co-create solutions that meet farmers where they are and that point to institutional-level change. While working towards a collective vision of regenerative farmers and ranchers with thriving livelihoods in community-based economies with an equitable distribution of power and resources, his role is now focused on helping influence and shape institutions that control land, capital, and markets to actually work for the sustainable small farms and ranches that are stewarding the land, growing healthy food, and building community.

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