Jesus Vasquez

Organization: Organización Boricuá of Ecological Agriculture of Puerto Rico

Jesús Vázquez Negrón is a Puerto Rican organizer, advocate, popular educator and activist that works in the intersections of environmental justice, agroecology, food sovereignty and climate justice at the national and international level. He has been working collectively for the past 13 years with rural, urban and coastal communities organizing decentralized mutual support processes, political and technical education experiences, farmer benefit and accompaniment programs, advocacy and policy work, narrative strategy, direct action and mobilization activities, international relations and just recovery initiatives with family farms and communities where people work and live. He is the General Coordinator and Director of Organización Boricuá of Ecological Agriculture of Puerto Rico, a 33 year old national grassroots organization composed by a diverse, intergenerational and multiregional membership of farmers, jíbaros-campesinos, agrarian organizers, farmworkers, agroecological promoters and food sovereignty activists from rural, coastal and urban communities that promote and practice agroecology as a tool to defend the natural commons and national landscape while achieving food sovereignty and social justice on the archipelago. He works and collaborates internationally with the Latinamerican Coordinator of Rural Organizations, La Vía Campesina, the People's Agroecology Process, Grassroots Global Justice Alliance, the US Food Sovereignty Alliance and the Climate Justice Alliance.

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