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IMPORTANT UPDATE: Thanks to all of your questions about fiscal sponsorship, we re-examined what might be possible with Windward Fund and are waiving the fiscal sponsor requirement. We are now able to provide grant awards to individuals and/or organizations who will use them for charitable purposes.

We encourage you to apply whether or not you have a fiscal sponsor at this time, this item will only be evaluated for final candidates and is not a core eligibility criteria. Please note, there may still be tax implications to this award. We hope this provides greater ease and access to the Castanea Fellowship opportunity!

Frequently Asked Questions

Because you know a better food system is possible. You care deeply and are committed to building a healthy, sustainable, and equitable food system that works better for children, families, and all of our communities. You are a community-builder, visionary, go-getter, doer and thinker who is ready to grow and build as part of a community of practice.

The Future of Food: Leadership Development for Our Movement - Webinar

If you would like to review The Future of Food: Leadership Development for Our Movement webinar from December 4th, 2018 with the Castanea Fellowship, HEAL Food Alliance’s School of Political Leadership, and Wallace Center’s National Food Systems Leadership Network (FSLN), you can find the recording here. If you'd like to review the FAQs for each organization, you can find them here.

Additional Fellowship Opportunities

In our design phase we had the opportunity to connect with a broad network of fellowship programs with whom we are delighted to be connected with in our common pursuit of promoting and supporting leaders. We work to ensure our fellowship is distinct and complementary to the programs we spoke with and are always looking to grow the constellation of nonprofit intermediaries contributing to the food justice movement. We connected with national fellowships for food systems leaders, university-based fellowships for food systems leaders, food-system specific, and general leadership fellowship programs. To learn more about these additional opportunities, please review the appendix in our concept paper, which you can download here [pdf]

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Join the numerous foundations, nonprofit, and business leaders in this multi-sector collaborative committed to shaping an equitable future for food. Grants, gifts, and individual donations are welcome.
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