Have you heard about FoodPrint.org?

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There’s a brand new site called FoodPrint It’s designed to help readers understand that the sum total of the food they eat has an impact on animals, people and the environment. That impact is their “foodprint,” and the site has science-backed information and tips, tools and resources for lowering your foodprint. It’s got a tips, tools and resources for shopping, cooking and eating sustainably, as well as ways to get involved in creating a more sustainable food system.

FoodPrint covers all of the most pressing issues in food production, helping people understand how these issues affect their foodprints, and how these issues are interconnected. They’ve organized them into major topic areas, including Animal Welfare, Public Health, Food & the Environment and Food Policy & Economics. With over 30 issues covered, it is a comprehensive library of essential food system topics.

They also have deep dive reports by product — including Beef, Chicken, Eggs and Crops — that explain the foodprint of each. From exploitative contracts for chicken farmers to the devastating environmental impacts of industrial beef production, from the grave animal welfare concerns in egg production to the impacts of pesticides on human health, these staple products of the American diet have massive foodprints when produced industrially.

They lay out a roadmap for what sustainable production looks like for each, with specific recommendations for consumers for how they can find sustainable products as well as push for a more sustainable food system overall.

You can also find a comprehensive Food Label Guide, a robust Real Food Encyclopedia and more.

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