Because of them, we are.

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We are inspired by the W.K.Kellogg Food and Community Fellowship Program that existed from 2001-2013. Alumni from that program, like the 2012 class pictured above, have been pivotal in voicing the importance of leadership development and helping us design and build the vision for the Castanea Fellowship. Because of them, we are. And, we want you to know more about these amazing alumni! Here’s the last post about the final cohort from the Institute for Agriculture & Trade Policy (IATP) Food and Community Fellows Digest: Cultivating leadership and equity in the food movement.

Here’s a full list of each fellow, along with a link to an interesting food-related piece of work they did while in the fellowship program or a more recent piece. Many alumni participated in the design phase of Castanea Fellowship. We are greater thanks to their work! Our food system, communities, and this program continues to be grateful for their work--thank you Alumni!!

Class of 2011-2013

Class of 2009-2010

Class of 2008-2009

Class of 2007-2008

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Class of 2002-2004

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